10 sites to parse Instagram accounts

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Do you know what the percentage of subscriptions in follow-ins depends on? It depends on how well the target user base was gathered. The quality of the collection (the ratio of subscriptions to the total size of the base), in turn, depends directly on:

  • thematic proximity of the base to your account;
  • its "purity".

Let us explain the latter by an example. Let's assume that someone has collected the base (the list of Instagram profiles) and posted it to the free Internet access. There were 1000+ people who started actively vote for the free accounts offered by Instagram. Those users in the list, to which are subscribed to many dozens of promoted profiles daily, begin to lose interest in such subscribers.

"Net" accounts, which account for a maximum of several subscriptions per day, are of much greater value to us. They are interested in the pages that foul them (as opposed to banned accounts).

Thus, the cleaner and more target base we find, the more subscribers we will get. Let's look at 10 ways to do this.

№1. Vkontakte Exchange, where they buy/sell advertising posts or make exchanges. From here, we choose groups with the right topics, while looking at the activity. If the content is actively liked and commenting, then the group has live people, not bots. Here are some exchanges:

  • https://vk.com/instagram_exchange - the main, from here many parry, so the effectiveness may be lower than on the less popular stock exchanges.
  • https://vk.com/instagram_vsmm.
  • https://vk.com/iq_instagram.

№2. www.instaspell.ru - a directory that contains databases with thematic accounts Instagram. It is useful as all the groups here are categorized, that is, you can make a selection of users by interest. There are regional accounts from which you can parse subscribers by geography. When selecting sites, pay attention to the ER indicator - it indicates the degree of audience activity. By the way, instaspell is quite a popular place for parsing with Instagram, so the bases collected here may not be very efficient.

№3. Plibber.ru - Instagram advertising exchange. Here you need to register to access the selection of sites. There is a filter by subject and types of public, ER, likes and comments.


№4 dealway.ru is another exchange, where you can register as an advertiser to select the right accounts to collect subscribers. There is much less information about groups, there is no distribution by category, but from here subscription bases parry less often than in methods №1 and №2.

№5 Sociate and other exchanges. Well-known Sociate has a filter by category, type of blog, number of subscribers. It provides valuable information for further parsing of the public audience:


In general, the 3 above described specialized exchanges (and similar) are rarely used to collect databases, so you can get a good selection of relatively "clean" accounts for the promotion of your page Instagram.

№6 Instagram Search. Try to specify in the internal search engine different keywords and phrases that characterize your topic or those topics that may be of interest to CA. The databases you collect from your search accounts are very effective, because they are individual. Each person searches the public for their unique list of requests.


№7 Look for popular accounts among friends and acquaintances. You can ask if their subscribers are twisted and what methods they were gathered. If the dialing took place naturally, the result from such bases for mass-following can be very good.

№8 Geolocation Gathering. Program-parsers collect logins, who at least once marked their photos in the area you have set on the map (in latitude and longitude).

№9. Gathering by hashtags. You give the parser a list of tags, with which people sign their photos, and it searches for such users by a given criterion (subscribers in accounts must be from 10 000). In this way, we search for popular competitor pages. We check with our hands whether there are comments in foreign languages, how many there are, estimate the approximate coverage and decide whether this or that site should be used for parsing. After that, we filter by such parameters: up to 500 subscribers and up to 100 subscriptions. We get a qualitative base for mass-following.

№10. Manual collection. It is necessary to have any account without subscriptions. We search manually and browse popular blogs (stars, themed public, competitors' accounts), do follow-ins on liked ones. After collecting about 100 such sites, we score our account in the parser and take from it the id of those who were followed. Then we parse from these ids. We get a very clean base for mass follow-in.

Parsing Tools

Parsing, subscription and automation

Another equally interesting service for audience parsing is Zengram, which can filter profiles by several parameters.

The audience are gathered by geolocation, subscriptions, subscribers, competitors and hashtags. Zengram also allows you to get contacts of certain users and helps you find those who live nearby and have similar interests.

Now let's figure out how to use the Zengram Parser. There's really nothing complicated about it.

The algorithm for action:

Go to the official website, register and add your Instagram profile from which you plan to parse. There is no need to add a page for promotion.

Choose from the left on the panel “Parser Zengram”.

Gathering is done by various parameters. We will deal with each of them.

Collect data by location.

Do the following:

  • open the left side of the menu page and select "Geolocation collection";
  • write down the location where you need to find specific user categories;
  • click on the Collect button.

It's rare for someone in their account to indicate where they live. However, the trick is that these people can be found by key inquiries. That way, you'll find users even with ties to the area.

Collect data by hashtags

It's like finding information on geolocation. The only difference is that you need to select "Collect by hashtag" and specify the ones you are interested in.

If necessary, you can exclude duplicates, just check the corresponding box. Thanks to it, the list will not include duplicate profiles.

Collect data  on competitors.

Here you will need to prescribe specific profiles and start collecting. If necessary, you can search by subscriptions and subscribers. To do this, tick the appropriate boxes.

Collection the results

When you complete the data collection and form a full database of accounts, users will be filtered by certain parameters. Among them:

  • gender;
  • number of subscriptions;
  • number of subscribers;
  • personal or commercial accounts.
  • Start the filtering at the end. The new database is uploaded in .txt format.

It should be noted that an absolutely "clean" base of target accounts can not be immediately collected. On many themed public and competitor pages partly signed bots, just inactive users or commercial organizations that are not of interest to us. 

Also pay attention to the fact that promotion by the method of mutual subscriptions, although it is currently the cheapest method of promotion, brings less and less results, we recommend you to study materials on setting up targeted advertising.