TOP 5 Proxies in 2020

What are Rotary Proxy Servers. How to find the right proxy provider. Selection of TOP 5 good proxy providers.

Rotary proxies are significantly fitter for complicated web-scraping job. Because the most sought-after web-sites apply counter-hacking technologies that discover irregular activity, mainly sudden changes in traffic from one IP address, employing proxies and actual IP addresses aids in avoiding blockage and safely retrieve the necessary info. Mentioned proxy servers will create an impression that several factual persons from various places are surfing a web-site at this very time, which secures secrecy and reliableness in receiving these data.

Rotating proxies customize IP addresses cyclically from their pool to complicate the job of net servers in identification of the user. This ensures that IP addresses are employed equally, and this can protect you from blocking on the destination web-site.

Nevertheless, as numerous companies proposing proxy servers, you may face problems finding the suitable provider who will supply you with the best operation. To assist you with choosing, we’ve looked at top 5 proxy servers with address rotation option.

In the reviews we will concentrate on two key criteria:

  • Functionality. We estimated the characteristics provided by each proxy.
  • Cost. We will inform you about the price of servicing.

Here are top 5 proxies in 2020:

1. Zenscrape

It is remarkable that Zenscrape is not simply a traditional proxy, since you do not need to bother about managing and self-rotating of addresses. Everything is done mechanically on the contrary to other servers. This turns it into a quite suitable tool for extensive data scraping tasks.

  • Functionality: Zenscrape automatizes proxy rotation giving you a possibility to concentrate on obtaining data. Considering the web-sites you operate on, Zenscrape employs various kinds of proxies, beginning with servers in datacenters to premium proxies and resident (home) IP addresses. Nowadays, Zenscrape employs typical proxies in 3 locations, premium residential ones in over 300 locations, and above 30 million IP addresses.
  • Price: Zenscrape is available for free to start with, but the limitation will comprise 1,000 queries a month. Apart from the free trial, paid plans from $ 8.99 a month and up to $ 199.99 a month are on offer.

2. Microleaves

Microleaves represent a huge network of proxy servers with an impressive amount of variable proxies appropriate for bypassing blockages when scraping Internet content.

  • Functionality: Microleaves brags about more than 26 million resident IP addresses. It offers three varieties of top speed proxies: reverse connection proxies (every 5 minutes they customize IPs), private dedicated HTTP proxies, and shared proxies (where multiple users can work simultaneously). All the types come with limitless bandwidth. You are provided with the possibility to employ any US IP addresses or other worldwide.
  • Cost: A good range of tariff plans is at your disposal due to the kind of proxy preferred. For instance, the charge for 10 split HTTP models begins at $ 15 and for 10 backconnect ones at $ 124.99. Nevertheless, a free trial is absent here.

3. Luminati

Luminati owns an extensive network capable of gathering web info without the threat that bots might be blacklisted or blocked.

  • Functionality: Luminati comes with more 35 million resident p2p IP addresses accessible from virtually every place worldwide. Its network comprises proxies in data centers, persistent resident, rotational resident, and mobile kinds to opt freely. With each option, you are free to utilize public IP addresses available for many Internet users, or unique ones provided just for you. Every proxy guarantees a limitless amount of concurrent sessions with top reliableness levels. Connection to its servers can be made via an API, through a proxy manager, or using an extension in Chrome.
  • Cost: Luminati proposes a free trial for estimating the functionality. Afterwards, you need to opt a paid plan regarding the volume of data and the proxy kind, for instance, widespread residential models come from $ 10 per GB.

4. NetNut

NetNut is a mighty network supplying users with a chance to gather data from web-sites namelessly and with minimum failures.

  • Functionality: NetNut possesses an impressive arsenal of rotating resident IPs placed worldwide. This provides country-level targeting along with sticky sessions. Specifically, rather than depending on p2p connections, as in case with other proxy networks, NetNut employs the power of DiViNetworks to transfer info and run the network. In this way they offer customers an effective and quality operation. DiViNetworks is a technology with hundreds of ISPs to guarantee constant and effective residential IP addresses.
  • Cost: NetNut grants a free trial within 7 days to try proxies randomly. Afterwards, signing- up for any monthly plan is possible for the charge between $ 3.5 and $ 15 per GB, relying on the amount used.

5. Storm Proxies

Storm Proxies supplies proprietary robust technology for rotating residential IP addresses and collecting Internet data forgetting about the threat of possible blocking.

  • Functionality: With Storm Proxies, you are offered a set of more than 70,000 reverse connection proxies, resident ones and private dedicated ones. The available shared “spinning” models customize IP addresses every 3 or 15 minutes to guarantee anti-blocking on web-sites. Proxies in the US, in the EU, in the US + EU or worldwide are at your disposal. Private Dedicated Proxies fit in specific operations that demand speedy fixed IP addresses. All types are with limitless bandwidth.
  • Price: The fee varies due to the preferred proxy kind. For instance, to start with Resident Rotation Proxies the charge is $ 50 a month and 5 ports are available. A free trial version is for 2 days, but compensation is supposed in case of quitting.


Bearing in mind that choosing a proxy is often a trade-off betwixt provided Functionality, Cost, and reliableness, you might discover a company from our top 5 that satisfies you and move your parsers to the higher level.